Changing Temples Pt. 2

Changing Temples
Pt. 2

“To go fishing is not to cast the hook
But to take the rod from it’s resting place”
EWP 1970

I have some life experience which leads me to believe that any one contemplating travel wrestles with universal issues when doing so. In my particular universe, the first is both philosophical and psychological – Why the hell go at all? What for? And a myriad other self-doubt questions.

More on that, but first other of those “universal” issues – perhaps just unique to my unusual frame of reference. A second is, at what point is one actually traveling? In other words, when does the journey begin? Third, why write about one’s travels, or any other topic for that matter? More to the point, why seek to blog it (they used to use the verb “publish”).

I can only offer partial universality in my “why go?” inquiry. As noted, this particular iteration is simply a running away. When still caught in the Black Night Soul Vortex, I cast the I Ching. As I have found almost without fail in 41 years of consulting that “oracle”, there is an uncanny ferreting out of the particulars of my human condition as it sits midst the universal. For those with a bent for more insight, I have added below a brief summary of the result. Suffice it to say, “It furthers one to have somewhere to go, to undertake something”. So undertake something I have done, both the travel and this Travelogue.

One of the most profound influences on my life was a work called ‘Twelve Against The Gods’, by William Bolitho. It’s subtitle is “The Story of True Adventure”. Since first discovering it as a Junior in college, that has been my story – creating an Adventure out of what Fate has offered and foibles limited. This current matter is, for the very first time since discovering Bolitho, not what I would categorize as Adventure. Rather, I prefer the word undertaking – with all the wonderful Shakespearean potential for humor that such a word carries as well as the I Ching guidance.

At any rate, the solution was travel. I’ve always told myself I liked it, and I believe I do. It’s been exactly 30 years since the last time I was a traveler and not just a tourist. That time it was exploring the Mother Goddess tradition which took me to Romania before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

This time I travel, with a distinct nod toward Socrates, knowing that I am taking myself with me. However, I have a vision of manifesting those aspects of my basic self that are good humored, gregarious, and which delight in each person’s unique story; as well as that self that also delights in history, art, music, food, wine, companionship, and, if I can do so, community. That’s what would satisfy and the lack of which made that abyss edge of despair so unsettling and so fraught with emptiness.

Continued . . .

I Ching
Cast 9/21/12
Hexagram 24. Fu / Return
Change from Hexagram No. 2 (The near future as opposed to the near present.)

It is the time associated with the Winter Solstice

After a time of decay comes a turning point. The old is discarded, the new introduced. It is a Return to the beginning of yet another phase in your life. Remember, it is the end of an old cycle – beware old, unhealthy patterns in that cycle which may attempt to establish themselves in the new.

Movement and action, but through devotion – natural, spontaneous – not force or artificial hastening. Everything comes of itself at the appointed time – this is the meaning of heaven and earth. The RETURNING situation will establish itself of its own accord. Contemplate and adjust your relationship to this new phase in order to afford yourself a comfortable position within it.

Movement is at its beginning. It must be strengthened by rest to avoid premature dissipation. Treat tenderly to obtain the flowering.

Societies of people sharing the same views are formed.

Things cannot be destroyed once and for all. Return is the stem of character (formation) and self-knowledge. It is vision into the mind of heaven and earth. Return to one’s inner light, deep soul. Knowing the Divine in the deep soul means to know oneself in relation to the cosmic forces.

It furthers one to have somewhere to go, to undertake something.

Friends come without blame.

The better your attitude about certain fated conditions in your nature, the more pleasurable your life becomes.