“The whole point about Venice is that it attracts/has attracted unlikely settlers like you and me, flotsam and jetsam, heirs to tea plantations, Montana judges, South African composers, Russian painters”. Robin Saikai

I am the Montana Judge mentioned. Venice found me as I was perusing a wonderful work of History by Fernand Breudel. It also found me because the Grand Tour of Europe had two main stops – Venice and Rome. I found Venice for reasons that are revealed in Post Number One.

What has Venice found? Well, a very Northern Great Plains rural, Montana farm kid (the first thing I ever drove was a tractor, the second a pickup to get to the tractor); a person whose careers have spanned something like 13 major, lateral arabesques – all substantive, all interesting, and each a result of following my heart. It has found a poet, a father of three young adults of whom he is immensely proud. It has found someone who truly loves the human condition. It is that which is explored here.

I love communicating, so write me if you are inclined.


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