Changing Temples Pt. 25 – In Absentia

Changing Temples Pt. 25 – In Absentia

There is still great pleasure in contemplating the notion of Changing Temples both in terms of the exceptional surprise at the very deep satisfaction found in writing the installments but also in the accuracy of the metaphor. The writing satisfaction has been something from the inside out. The fact that there were actually readers of the installments added tone and color and savor to that satisfaction. There is no question about that. There is something stirring in the thought of someone in the wide universe out there being a participant in the ideas, the discoveries, the examination of this strange jouney called Changing Temples. Thank you for rewarding me in that way. It means more than can be said.

That is prelude to a brief discussion of the long, long interlude since the last installment and the not so brief interlude before the one previous to that. In part, my keyboard went on the fritz. In part, I have been RePatriating. But, in truth, it was much more than that. My best friend was sure I was “a bit off the reality rails”. Consequently, the last installment, “Einstein’s Relativity Rails”, was a sojourn out of my mind in order to observe the journey, the rails, the conductor, and, particularly, the lounge car, where, thanks to Italian Prosecco, I was spending many pleasant hours. There is a saying in Al-Anon that “the mind is a dangerous neighborhood, don’t go in alone”. It was also a sojourn out of that dangerous neighborhood where OCD tendencies and loneliness did a Tango. As noted, the sojourn was brief. So the deep veracity of the Al-Anon slogan was revealed.

The dangers are subtle, teasingly diaphanous. The Philosophers that have meant the most to creating the self that is Changing Temples vigorously contend that there is no spending of this life’s energy, or evaporation of the finite days given to one, that can honestly be said to be better or worse. As Hamlet rightly observed, “there is no good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. That nutshell of Hamlet’s has been explored by Montaigne, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus, Pyrrho, Ovid, Cicero, Epicurus and boundless others. “External circumstances take their savor and color from the inner constitution.” (Montaigne)

Put in a slightly different frame of reference, “Fortune does us neither good nor harm; she only offers us the material and the seed of them, which our soul, more powerful than she, turns and applies as it pleases, sole cause and mistress of its happy or unhappy condition.” (Montaigne)

It is tempting beyond description to evaluate one’s daily “use” of this life (the Protestant Ethic gone viral) or one’s application of the material and seed granted by Fortune. What is wasted time? There are significant traditions which answer that question by discussing the uncountable treasure that is each moment of life because of that fascinating construct called Death. It is having that end in mind that makes one evaluate and assign to it either quality or utter, spendthrift wastefulness. That is not an altogether false basis, but it is still thinking that makes it so. “Thus ease and indigence depend on each man’s opinion; and neither riches, glory, nor health has any more beauty and pleasure than its possessor lends it.” (Montaigne)

So, at least temporarily, there is an escapee from that dangerous and boundless nutshell of the mind who once again encounters the deeply significant way in which Keats captures the very heart of Changing Temples:

When I have fears that I may cease to be
Before my pen has glean’d my teeming brain,
Before high-piled books, in charact’ry,
Hold like rich garners the full-ripen’d grain;

How rich the garners may be is a matter for others, but the brain teems and now these high-piled blog installments will be bursting with grain again.

Continued . . .

2 thoughts on “Changing Temples Pt. 25 – In Absentia

  1. Hi Wayne Great to get changing Temples again- in this diaphanous journey-where are YOU- Not literally-but how do u rest your head- Right on that it is the mind that does the labeling and it is your “choice”. But who is the “I” that decides how to “look” at life in different ways-that is my question– Now is that really true-do think you actually make choices Ever thought of yourself as a channel for toughts-a channel in which you are floating and, yet, really have no control The esoteric is the bain of reality-so be it. As you know, I am immersed in Adviata attendant thereto is the concept that all in one-you have no choices- So I come at the the journey of life from a bit of a different angle One of freedom from death -where there is no fear-and the real you (fill in the blank-God-soul-love whatever) is the true self “True” or “reality” are a concept for me that means that which does not change-all that changes is “unreal” in that the sense that it is temporal and time is a fiction -as is space as is causation-because to me the “truth” is “infinity” And it the mis-idenifaction af who the I is as the small s self lives is takenly in duality which is the cause of all our suffering. If the “truth’ be that that which does not change-i.e. the soul -God or whatever-is who the I is and -not the ego-but the “real self- The great philosophers examined this question as did Thoreau -Whitman-Kierkegaard-the german philosopher whose name I can to remember now- So, to me the “rails” are really a distraction-a seed of fear-where there should be none I have been saying for awhile now that -as long as we have food and shelter-the rest is free time to do as we please I guess I am asking -what is really going on for you-and while you a vision of life that is not on the rails We spend our lives on the rails-rather predictable on the same journey-the train wrecks at the end- But I have always wondered “is this all”-we ride the train until it wrecks-hum Still pondering that-as the spirit tugs at my heart to say-find out -otherwise you ride the rails predictably to the “end”-rather boring concept Embracing the soul-God -what ever name u want to use (as we have no words that describe the “reality” as it is beyond knowing One concept is that the Self is never born and never dies-as it is “reality” Heartening concept-but living there is the real challenge So I pose these thoughts a counter weight to living on the “rails” with assurance that one goes off the rail all the time- I have opened up the door of infinity as “reality”-a real downer for those who believe in a creator and a creation-as in infinity does not allow for a creator-does not allow for time and does not allow for causation- I love you-and hope all is well-great to chat again the other week- Glad to see the spirits seem so high-but-do not engage in effort as that will lead you down the wrong hole- Well enough challenges-stay well my friend And keep the Temple missives rolling a long Love David

    Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 18:24:13 +0000 To:

    • Hello My Dear Friend. I liked this message very much. I liked the heart and soul of it. The mechanics of the I and getting IT to sit itSELF down is the only explanation for delay I have. So, there is a self – an undisciplined, lazy, demanding, needy, control zombie at the center of that I! What you have written and what I tried to get close to with the reality rails analysis is that self, that I, needs management in order to live without it. I am still in the management phase. I have had glimpses of life without the self or the I. I like that kind of life!

      As I write this I believe you are in Costa Rica. I hope the infinity pool is leading your spirit in the right direction.

      An old joy of spirit has found itself again in my heart and soul. It demonstrates the degree of management of self and I that is still needed, but the reason for the joy is named Anna – my darling from the Ukraine. I have been joyously surprised at the intertwining of commonality between us – a commonality of stark realism and teenagers in love. A dangerous mix, I think. But I feel happiness in my soul again, and that is worth the struggle and work and nonsense of two people pretending that humans are really meant to live together harmoniously.

      It is deep winter here. -29, then -31, then -11, then more of same. It is good to be in hibernation mode. Spring of spirit seems to be seeding itself within. The wood stove is going constantly, but the warmth and comfort is so tremendously delightful.

      I hope you have contentment and joy my Dear Friend. My best to Candi, Jenny and the grand kids.


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